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Welcome to bustle blog!

When I started bustle a little over a year ago, I wasn't sure where I wanted to take this latest project - I love weddings and wedding dresses, yet I found that the harsh chemicals and materials dry cleaners used to process and pack these priceless treasures was more harmful than helpful.

There's a lot of education involved in preservation, especially when it comes to caring for wedding dresses and other family textiles, and I want to include you on my journey when it comes to helping others care for their family items.

Bustle is not only a wedding dress preservation business, but also a museum collections consulting agency. With a Master of Arts in Museum Studies, and over a decade of experience handling priceless museum collections, antiques, and works of art, I'm happy to help organize, pack, mark, install, photograph or digitize, or do any number of other museum related items for collections large or small.

I'm a professional member of the Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists, the Costume Society of America, the Virginia Association of Museums, the Southeastern Museum Association, and the Southeastern Registrars Association.

Check back regularly for more posts on what I'm up to, what I'm researching, or to learn more about preservation in general! Thanks for stopping by!


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