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New Video: Unboxing an Antique Mystery Box

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Hi! I made a new YouTube video! It's been a year (and a day to be exact) since I started my YouTube channel, and I haven't made much progress on it. I got burnt out so bad last year, so bad that I put everything other than my full time job on hold. But I'm trying to focus more on bustle this year, and with that comes new, and hopefully, fun videos involving extant garments - and maybe some sewing, too. My camera confidence isn't quite there yet - but I think in time, I can make it work. So, my plan is to hopefully do two short videos a month, and two actual blog posts a month. We'll see if this is too ambitious, but for now I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it works.

On to the topic of this week's video! I recently purchased two mystery boxes from Witchy Vintage, an antique clothing and accessory reseller. One box was dated from 1860s-1880s and the other 1880s-1920s, and included at least one piece of clothing, one accessory, one piece of ephemera, and one photograph. You can either watch it below or venture over to YouTube and watch it there to see all the goodies I got. Paula with Witchy Vintage didn't disappoint! Enjoy!

Edit: when I finished editing my video, I must have exported it as a iphone file, so when I went to go upload it to youtube, of course it didn't show up. I uploaded the completely raw, unedited version to YouTube. Talk about embarrassing! The new, 100% better video is now up! And I'm so sorry to the handful of people that watched that hot mess!

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