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wool, bakelite buttons



Label: none

Women's maroon wool knit college sweater with bakelite buttons.  Sweater is made in a stockinette knit stitch.


Bust: 38 inches

Waist: 35 inches

Shoulders: 15 inches

Sleeves: 20.5 inches

Total length: 29.25 inches

More Information: Throughout this era, clothing became a powerful tool for self-expression, as well as a way to move into a more modernist era. As the decade progressed, modern women chose to wear clothing made for physical activity - a direct result of women’s roles during World War I. These clothes still fell into the masculine image of the flapper persona, featuring unstructured jackets, hip-length sweaters, and knickerbockers. While knickers were deemed not appropriate for everyday wear, the Fall 1923 Sears & Roebuck catalog declared, “Both fashion and custom have given approval to knickers for the out of doors woman. This smart full loose style is admirably adapted to hiking, golfing, riding, or other sports.” Despite their masculine style, Voguedeclared, “The femininity of a woman in knickerbockers depends upon her unconsciousness of them, as much as on the fact that she puts them on for a practical purpose.” Adding a sweater and tie reinforced the notion that women were “eager as ever to be mannish in their dress.”

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