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Date: 1923

Material: silk, lace



Label: none

Black silk and lace robe de style with pink silk orchid flowers hanging from the gathered drop waist.  Lace panels drape past the taffeta skirt. 


Bust: 36 inches

Waist: 32 inches

Shoulders: 15.25 inches

Nape to waist: 14 inches

Underarm to waist: 6.5 inches

Skirt length: 28 inches

More Information: Assuming a more feminine air than the majority of flapper dresses of the era, Jeanne Lanvin’s robe de style dresses were characterized by wide flowing skirts designed to resemble court dresses of the 18th century. Much like this dress, taffeta was a favorite material for the robe de style, as its inherent stiffness helped create the lift and fullness of the skirt. Although the robe de style was never fully adopted by the American public, who preferred the androgynous dresses, the robe de style was considered a classic. One 1925 fashion commentator remarked, “The robe de style has a persevering nature. Fashions may come and fashions may go, but it keeps on forever.”

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