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Date: c. 1924

College Girl Corset,  size 32.  

Cotton corset with 2 channels at the center back, and three horizontal reinforcements at the waist.  Gussets at the hips.  Light pink with darker pink vertical channels.  Darker pink flossing and embroidery. 

Material: cotton, silk, metal

Label: College Girl Corset 

College Girl Corsets were made by the Jackson Corset Company in Jackson, Mississippi.   The company was founded in 1884, and claimed their corsets were endorsed by physicians, stating they were sensible garments that supported the back.

In  ads from both 1921 & 1923, the college girl corset brand read as follows: 

College Girl Corsets Bring Growth in Grace Like Healthful Exercise.  

College Girl corsets represent a scientific plan of corseting.  It is the result of 38 years' study and experience.  It is well known that flesh will "flow" or "set" under persistent pressure or persistent exercise.  College Girl corsets comfortably mould the figre in right posture an dright lines, just as well directed, faithful exercise does.  They do not accomplish this forcibly by lacing.  That would be unwhole-some, cruel.  There is a mode for each type of figure designed according to the laws of anatomy.  Each model encourages and permits development and improvement in that type not by over lacing but by proper guidance.  The design of the corset is responsible. The resutls equal those of regular, wholesome exercise.  So the figure constatnly improves.  Grace through comfort - beauty through health.  Ther are the great advantages College Girl corsets bring every woman.  Thse are the specific aims that have inspired their makers for 38 years.  There is a model for every figure - each bringing the fahsionable silhouette, the lines of youthfulness.  


Bust: 28 inches

Waist: 27 inches

Hips - 32 inches 

Length : 19 inches 

Straps: 18 inches

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